I’m writing this post to those who are planning to visit dubai and for those who haven’t been to Dubai  to feel like you have gone there. As some of you may already know that Dubai won’t grant you on arrival visa anymore. that means you won’t get visa when you land on Dubai airport. You can get on arrival visa from countries like Singapore. If you know other countries that gives on arrival visa comment below so other readers can know

Next thing is best way to reserve tickets is the online method. When you reserve online you will get the lowest , discounted price. Hope these two points will help you.

So lets start our Dubai journey. We used to travel with emirates (😂😂 not a promoting okay.. because it is where we found lowest ticket price ) So starting from Dubai airport..OMG it is huge 🤒🤒 However we got to know later in sightseen tour that Dubai airport has the ability to handle up to 100million passengers a year. So i hope you can imagine how big it is. to help you I’ve post some photos.

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So what you see in the below are some of the photos we took when we were going to the hotel. Most of the time we traveled using highway ,  Sheikh Zayed Road. You will see a photo of burj kalifha (tallest building in the world ) among others. Ill tell you about burj kalifha in a later post. (hope you don’t need all the taste at once )

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So we were going to Atana Hotel ( Hotel was booked through booking.com ) Because of our luck we get the room we should have get at 12. After that we are travelling to Miracle Garden

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  1. Miracle Garden 

As the name says Miracle Garden is a miracle . wherever you look  what you see are flowers. I dont know much history about Miracle Garden (Cuz im not here to tell you the history of miracle garden😛 )


This is the entrance…

From now on what you see are flowers here and there. .. No point of describing it in words have a look yourself


There are plenty of structures made with flowers. But if you take a deep look you will notice that there aren’t many types of flowers , only few.. But few colors of same flower

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Very special thing what will hold your breath is this structure of plane made with flowers  , In short it is an Airbus 380 plane which has a Guinness World Record.



If you enjoy this feel free to share with your friends too and also like our page to read more.  After that we were heading to dessert safari ,  what an amazing experience

2. Desert safari 

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There’s no point of visiting to Dubai if aren’t going to dessert 😝 But this ride to Dubai is not normal one. It will bring you heart attack , So make sure to tighten your seat belts. This dessert safari is an unique experience what you cant get from anywhere other than Dubai. From very beginning, we came to dessert by Land Cruiser which was hired by Atana Hotel i suppose which belongs to a group called Atlantis.  Prior to start the journey they lower the air pressure of tires. I do not know why it is comment below if you know ✌️✌️

So as you you can see this is not a easy task.. the more your driver mad / talented is the more fun you will get. After about 20min of this cool ride they take you to a camp in the dessert where you spend your rest of the day. All the drinks are free ( except alcohol ) apart from that you can get free sweets and also  free tattoos. What you see below is that camp

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In the evening there are free Arabic cultural items like dances


So day one ends like this. In day two im going to take you to the Mall of Emirates , Jumeira Beach and Dinner cruise . Until then have a nice day and stay connected